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The Senate of the University of Lagos has expelled 125 students and suspended 198 students for offenses related to forgery of results, academic misconduct, examination misconduct and social misconduct. The full list of the affected student can be found on the Universities’ website with this link http://unilag.edu.ng/newsdetails.php?NewsID=2792.

The names of the six Union leaders earlier suspended for leading students in a mass protest over the poor living conditions in the school in April 2016 were not in the list. Another name conspicuously missing from the list is Adeyeye Olorunfemi who was rusticated for four semesters for his Facebook post that referred to the UNILAG Vice Chancellor as a disgrace to Obafemi Awolowo University where he (the vice chancellor) graduated from.


Unilag’s Deputy Registrar Mr. Toyin Adebule confirmed the expulsion to newsmen in Lagos on Sunday, he said the university “will soon publish and display the names and photographs of the students in the media’’. He said that the action was in line with the university’s zero tolerance on malpractices and other vices in the campus. He clarified that the development had nothing to do with those involved in the recent students’ riot.

He said “Yes we have published some names on our website and these students will be punished in various degrees, depending on the severity. “Last session, a number of students were caught in various forms of malpractices during their examinations. “Some were found cheating during the examination with “micro sheets” while others were hired as surrogates to write papers for others. “Others were caught smoking weeds (Marijuana) right in their halls of residence by their colleagues and reported to the university authorities.

He disclosed that the University is planning to publish all their names as well as display their photographs all over the campus in the next one week. “We shall carry out this measure in all the departments and faculties in the institution. “This is to help the university ensure that the affected students will have nowhere to hibernate on campus. “By doing this, the affected students would know that the university wants to ensure total compliance to the sanction and would not want to be seen anywhere around the campus,’’ According to him, the university will continue to do all it can to sustain set standards and best practices as obtained in other top universities around the world stating

“We hope the affected students will dust themselves off, learn from their mistakes and channel their energy to productive endeavors because like they say failure is not falling down but refusing to get up”


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