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By Dumbledore’s Pawn

Think of the best Marvel movie you’ve seen. Now imagine something 10 times better. Ok, to be honest a 100 times better. Yes, better than the Avengers. A movie that makes Captain America: Civil War look like an appetizer in a three course meal buffet. That’s how tasty Black Panther is.

black panther

There is a begrudging new found respect for Director Ryan Coogler. He’s come a long way from Creed and he keeps, killing it. He was given the task of bringing a fantasy utopia to life. Not only did he deliver, he made it possible that there will be more descendants from this parent.

I am not going to say this movie was perfect, but man it was close. Chadwick Boseman portrays a man who like all men is not perfect but tries to be the best he can be. Battling the demons of mistakes from the past to the constraints of tradition.

black panther

The Afro-futuristic influences in the movies are so in touch with the culture, it’s refreshing and breathtaking. The attires are amazing. When you see the most advanced country in the world, you’ll understand. Wakanda is how we see the future. How we see the great continent of Africa. The birthplace of civilization.

My personal favorite character is Shuri portrayed by Letitia Wright. She’s been on my radar for a while, since Urban Hymn. Well she didn’t disappoint.

In Black Panther, she’s like most teenagers. More focused on the new, than the archaic traditions of a time way before her. Mbaku is a close second, the leader of the distant Jabari mountain tribe was both a villain and a voice of comic relief. You learn to respect and cherish him, like bullies who become friends.

shuri in black panther

My only fault with the movie was in the fight scenes, and that was it, as noticeable to most people. There were amazing action scenes, but the fights in the scenes weren’t as topnotch as one would expecting a Marvel movie.

T’Challa seemed a bit weak, having in mind we had seen him go toe-to toe with Captain America and Bucky in Civil War. In the Black Panther movie he seemed a lot weaker, not only when he faced Erik Killmonger but even when he faced Mbaku.

chadwick black panther

I think Coogler tried his best to portray T’Challa with his confliction like every other mortal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, shows he’s capable of mistakes like every other person.

The movie itself was everything we didn’t know we wanted but got and more. It’s actually the best stand-alone movie from the Marvel franchise.

So Ryan Coogler don’t take way too long to hit us with the sequel, ok? We’re waiting. Long Live the King!

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