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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

The solidarity is soul lifting.

black panther

Apparently, when black people come together to do something, well, let’s just say the world better be ready for it.

The oneness of coloured people across the world to Black Panther is incredible. It is so strong that people are showing up to theatres in their traditional attires.
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black panther

This is one all black cast movie that has garnered support from the race across the entire world at the same time. Talk about a revolution.

From those who have seen it, they say it is a great depiction of the African continent. One that is not just about the negatives and backwardness of the continent, but just about the people, their culture and their strength.


black panther

What are you wearing to see Black Panther tonight?

Take a picture, post on your Instagram and tag us for a feature.

Get some inspiration from people who are already in the zone in the pictures below:

black panther black panther black panther black panther

black panther
black panther  black panther black panther black panther black panther

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