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mi abaga“Hip hop’s in trouble/Imma save her.”

This was MI Abaga’s line in ‘Action Film’ which portrayed him as a culture redeemer. Lucky for us, he  stayed true to that as he has proven in recent times, especially with the release of the controversial #YRSFUYL, chanting like a general calling the troops to order.

The song sparked a much needed conversation about the state of the hip-hop genre in the country and on our declining position on the continent as he wails “we’re getting killed by the South/SA rappers out here killing y’all.” But rather than having a conversation about the obvious ailing sector, shots were thrown at him.

Super controversial rapper and OAP N6 released a comeback, as well as the Lafiaji crooner Vector who only comes up when he feels threatened and chants about being the greatest with nothing to show for it, challenged The Chairman to a battle, but its been a year now and we’re yet to get a comeback. A lot more rappers went ballistic, but MI couldn’t be bothered.

MI has since then continued to invest in young talents and the L.A.M.B chronicles released last year from the Chocolate City Label was a testament to the fact that hip hop in Nigeria was back to clinch its desired spot on the continent.

Meanwhile, a new MI protegé Blaqbonez has been on a major roll lately. The pink dreaded rapper has been mesmerizing twitter for days with his proclamation as the “Best Rapper In Africa”, a new diss track.


Tentik followed up with his clap back, a diss track he titled “Blaq out,” Corleone dished his as well, among other rappers.

Blaqbonez definitely created a buzz challenging his contemporaries to battle with his proclamation.

With the release of his diss track, he can say he has lived up to the hype. The track title as it implies, strongly emphasises why Blaqbonez is the hottest rapper right now, as he individually picks the contenders who dare to come for his title, taking shots and serving responses to a lot of Nigerian Hip-Hop Acts, with noteworthy mentions of Jimi Agbaje, Fela Durotoye and Blackface.

Blaqbonez puts the industry on notice and reminds everyone about his rightful place on the throne. The 5 mins 29 secs track has all core elements that make up a good hip hop smash hit.

More replies are expected to come soon enough as lovers of the hip hop culture are excited at the sparring. I am also waiting for the shaking this would bring, the counter subs and whatnot. Maybe now is the time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

It’s great to see all this talent together as they bring the best out of each other showing that the future of rap in Nigeria is in good hands.

Blaqbonez is having a major moment which he is fully aware of and garnering the attention to his advantage. A quick view of his social media and you can see that he is deservedly enjoying it and creating a hype about it.

A new generation of musicians are coming to the forefront in Nigeria, when it comes to rap, and Blaqbonez is taking the centre stage, sparring against anyone for the crown.

By Treasure Uduak

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