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In light of Khloe Kardashians controversial statement about her body dysmorphia, we decided to list a few ways you can practice some body affirmations. for those of you experiencing the same negative feelings as hers.

Since the body responds to the way we treat it, wouldn’t it be nice to experiment with some positive self-talk? Just to see what happens? If we open up to the fact that it’s incredible just to be alive, we might find new things to appreciate about being here, as we are.

So we encourage you to start now, in fact every morning repeat the sentences below to yourself.

I don’t love myself “only,” “when,” or “if” something else validates my worthiness. I approve of myself right here and now. 

I feed my body like I am nourishing my entire existence. I move like I am exercising my gratitude for the life energy coursing through me. Every breath is a prayer. Every smile is a blessing.

I am lovable enough to love my body. There’s no love to earn, only love to tap into.

I can learn to accept the parts of myself that I don’t like—this is how I grow.

I can be patient with myself. I am worth the investment.

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