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No matter your body shape, embracing it is one thing, carrying it with pride is another. To help you carry it with pride, we have worked out a do’s and don’t map for all body type.

Rectangle/Straight · Kate Hudson





· Long jackets are your best friend as they create a lean look.

· Define your waist by wearing belts

·Accessorize, its permitted for you.

·Crop tops are perfect for you as an alternative to dresses.

·Sweetheart tops and scoop necks create curves for you.

·You definitely have pretty legs so pencil skirts with side slits are just perfect.

·Wear tops having collars, ruffles and details to flatter your chest.

·Layer your attires to add more element to your looks..



· Overwhelming styles are a no no for you.
Pear shape · Eva Mendes

·Jennifer Love-Hewitt

·Kim Kardashian



·Dark colored cloths equal slimmer and light colored cloths equals wider, so they are perfect for you for contrast.

·Necklines: Square, boat and cowl are all perfect.

· A-line skirts are perfect for you as you have a round bottom to carry the skirts perfectly.

·Jacket that stops right above the waist evens out your shape

·With a wide low body, wide hems or skirts, pants to balance your hips.

·Give an illusion of long legs with pointy-toed shoes.

·You are safe with any style you experiment with.
Triangle/Wedge ·Teri Hatcher

·Naomi Campbell

·Demi Moore


·Full skirts distract attention on your upper body, so go ahead, experiment.

·Bright colours on your lower body gives an illusion of a smaller shoulder.

· High –waist skirts are just it for you

·Don’t ever wear a spaghetti or strapless top. Your shoulders will only appear wider.

·Boat neckline extends your shoulders, so it should be an enemy.

Pear Rectangle Triangle

Image Credit: Fashionpolis; Imagprenuer

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