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By Dumbledore’s Pawn

“Nouveau Niveau” is French for “New Level” and that is exactly what Boogey is on, a whole new level, I’m sorry A$ap Ferg move out of the way. We’ve been blessed with a magical lyricist something like Merlin with words.

Boogey and his therapist

He’s come a long way from T.I.N.A.A, The James Dean “rebel without a cause” persona has been metamorphosed to a Malcom X, and this is probably his best work. Some of you might disagree but before you’ll are about to eat me, be CALM…. Breathe In & Hum. Like the maestro said in “Just A Man”. We shouldn’t question if the crown is too heavy for his head.

He’s always been witty and clever with his words but we all know in hip-hop being able to fling words doesn’t mean much anymore. He’s become more refined like an expensive Cuban Cigar. Every different track he seemed to reach into a sack like Santa Claus and present us with a gift (hope you see what I did there, maybe I should try out this rap thing too.) His strong suit on every track was what it needed to be, when he need to drop crazy punchlines best believe he came with them, it was like watching a Kung-Fu flick, and I honestly think this was his way of telling his master he’s ready to take over the dojo.

While I have accolades for him, his weakness is that he’s as complex as Sudoku and dumbing it down is an impossible mission might as well hire Ethan Hunt.

5 Tracks That Will First Blow Your Mind!!!
• He comes through with a commercial banger which still keep to his strong suits, like “Don’t Listen To This” the sequel to I’m Wack. He still hits us with his hard punchlines and in-depth flow but there’s an amazing comic ad-lib which waters down the hardcore rap and makes the song amazing to consume.
• “Different Strokes” with Onosz is a strong example of his apt skill of storytelling.
• “Prayers” with Aina More & Samibond is a strong contender for the best song on this project. Rappers with great skill brandishing their weapons of choice and go in a deadly spar where we can’t tell if they’re trying to kill each other or actually just sparring. Look out for Aina More a Nigerian-London based female emcee that will blow your mind. Samibond afro-trap hook bridges the gap on this melody making it a banger you can’t help but bump to.
• Solo with Jazz and Kemi Smallz was a soulful tune where boogey drop his heart as Kemi Smallz serenades us with her smoky voice.
• Level VI (6) it’s no surprise there’s a video for it, he flexes his lyrical and metaphorical muscles on this track. We all know he’s an artist who loves to show off his intellect. Check out the Video below

Boogey has dropped a hip-hop album that will stand the test of time, while it’s everything a hip-hop fan wants, it might be a bit tedious to listen to. Although I still honestly believe it’s a great album
I will rate it an 8.8+