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Daughters Who Walk This Path‘ is a proper parody of the Nigerian society capturing the tales of the abnormal norm and the challenges of a young woman growing up in a complex country like Nigeria. The story told from a first person point of view through the voice of the main character Morayo follows the life of a young girl growing up in Ibadan under the security of her parent’s watchful eyes as she falls prey to a sexual predator who happens to be a family member. The writer psychoanalyses the society and its reaction to subjects such as politics, corruption, parent-child relationships, womanhood, e.t.c through the eyes of Morayo

daughters who walk


The writer uses everyday colloquial words to capture the innuendos of the Nigerian language such as proverbs and slang.The writer draws us into the story with her simple yet personal style of writing:

“It is true that the house mouse that spares the sheath but eats the knife is bent on provoking one’’ He laughed mirthlessly to himself. “But it is impossible for anyone to carry the wind. Mufutau is like all my enemies-he cannot succeed”

The novel “Daughters Who Walk This Path”, which was recently shortlisted for the 2016 NLNG Prize for Literature, is Yejide’s debut novel and it ranks very high on our list of must read books for the summer.


Written by Kike Olowu

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