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Colson recreates a historical masterpiece in his book “The Underground Railroad” as history meets fiction. Taking a figment of history the metaphorical the Underground Railroad, a network of roads used by black and white activists in  America  to help slaves escape to freedom,  and reinventing it into an actual train that transports escapists slaves up north.


the underground railroad author

Set in Georgia 1812 against the back drop of slavery in Randall plantation, the tale chronicles the life Cora, a young slave girl abandoned by her mother and left to fend for herself in the cruel world of  slavery filled with the harsh horrors of whipping,   back- breaking labor, killing of slaves. In the pursuit of freedom Cora risks everything as she flees the plantation with Caesar, a young man falsely promised freedom by his former mistress who promises to free him on her death bed.

The tale recaptures a time in history when all men were not equal as Cora and her companions’ network through the treacherous country side with a bounty on their heads. In the end Colson creates a must read adventure story that is both jaw dropping as well as spell binding for his readers.


Written by Kike Olowu

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