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plantashun boiz boy bands

Oh, boy bands. When it comes down to it, I love every and any genre of music (classical, rock, hip-hop, dancehall), you name it and, as long as it’s good, I will listen to it. You have to admit that music in Nigeria is evolving but I can’t help but wonder why a once epic band like Styl Plus is years later getting minimal, if not no attention what so ever. True, they’re not a band anymore. But they were once one of the greatest bands in the country just 12 years ago- why were they forgotten so fast?


styl-plus boy bands


I adored Styl Plus growing up. They made my entire secondary school experience worth it. Whatever mood I was in, they had me covered. If I was in a loved up state, ‘Always on my Mind’ will definitely keep you smitten. I know that after listening to ‘Iya Bashira’, I didn’t want to eat out for a while. They even had some kind of societal movement song called ‘Ima’. I had no idea what they were saying in that one sha- all I knew was that I wanted to show some love to my neighbour. Give food to the hungry, clothe the naked, that sort of thing.

Anyway, years later and there’s no one to compare Styl-Plus to. Everyone’s a solo artist now. The era of Styl-Plus and Plantashion Boiz is over. Boy bands are dead- and that fact depresses me quite a bit. I LOVE bands. There’s just something adorable about guys dressed alike and doing some synchronized choreography. We need lyrics that will make us melt. Our very own Westlife or One Direction. That cannot be too much to ask!

P-Square boy bands

Besides P-Square and the upcoming DNA Twins, there are hardly any notable boy or girl bands still left in Nigeria, I don’t get why. Most people believe that bands are bound to come to an end especially when they are not related. And tbh they probably will.  But is that a good enough reason to not make good music? If you know you can sing and you have a neighbor that is good as well, join forces and make a band! Because come on guys, who knows? You might just blow one day.
Written by Nkem Ikeh

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