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Saeon Moruda was caught on a Q and A session, where she dished on her album, collaborations and relationship

Saeon Moruda2

Q: We are loving your new style and the whole “#BoyChick with the #87Swags” movement! Tell us about it.

A: Why, thank you very much! I went on a monochrome spree for two years because I was in a black and white head space. So, I recently decided to switch it up by infusing colours.

It’s well known that I shop in the men’s section because it’s comfortable for me and aligns with my brand musically. I’m also incorporating my style into merchandize so every Morudan can feel as comfortable as I do and have the #87Swags.

Q: Tell us what you have been up to.

A: I just got back from the U.K. I was away on holiday for a month and figured I’d do some public relations. I released a remix for my hit single #Aii featuring Vector, Iceberg Slim, Terry Apala and Ycee, which charted on the U.K. countdown. It is currently number six and has been popularly tagged the hottest Hip Hop product right now. I went on a media tour and did a soft listening of my soon-to-be-released body of work titled “Birth of the #BoyChick – Mixtape album” which had really positive reviews.

Saeon Moruda

Q: You mentioned that your body of work is a ‘Mixtape album’. What is a ‘Mixtape album’ and what should we expect from it?

A: I tagged it a Mixtape album because that’s what it is. A mix tape is an underground compilation of songs that haven’t hit mainstream including freestyles and sampled instrumentals or remixes. It’s also a rite of passage for rappers. An album is a compilation of songs, mostly mainstream, which are often times themed. Some records on it have the feel of a mix tape while others have the feel of an album and so I thought to merge the two together so the listeners who relate to each or both terms have a broader spectrum, a wider range to decide if they want to consume it as a mixtape, an album or both.

The ‘Birth of the #BoyChick – Mixtape album’ is centred around rebirth or renascentia, self discovery, self belief and motivation. Consumers of it should expect a feel of my rebirth and how I was able to pick myself back up to surpass where I was to where I am right now. They should also expect to hear throwback sounds from the 90s as that’s where most of my inspiration stems from. Mostly, they should expect to hear my vulnerability, realness and truth.

Q: How were you able to get the artistes on the remix?

A: I reached out to my friends in the industry and they were supportive enough to grace the remix. Shout out to them because support is one thing that is really needed in the Nigerian music industry for one to thrive, more so from the artistes.

Q: You just put out a brilliantly directed video for #Aii Remix. How did you come about this?

A: I’m glad you think it was brilliantly directed. Thank you. I spoke to C Dub of 8000 Films to direct the video because we have worked together on a few projects in the past and he had always come through. I wanted a video that portrayed the times we’re facing in Nigeria, one to sensitise us as a people and reassure us that “We Gon Be Aii”. I also didn’t want the video to be too serious hence the skits we threw in featuring Comedian, Ebiye and Chuey Chu. I’m thankful he was able to bring the ideas of my team and I to life.

Saeon Moruda4

Q: Are there any features on your album?

A: To be honest, just one or two features; reason being that I wanted it to be personal and capture my truth. I wanted my #Morudans to go on my rebirth journey with me.

Q; When will it be out?

All things being equal, by the end of April, 2017.

Q: Can we get a bit personal? Is Saeon Moruda in a relationship?

A:(Laughs) If my reply to the first question was ‘No’, will you accept it? No, I’m not in a relationship.

Q: Giving the current state of the nation, what advice do you have for the youths?

A: Motivating is something I love doing because it goes a long way to empower people. One of the facets of the Saeon Moruda brand is motivational speaking and I do that through Edutainment tours. My message to the youth is to educate one’s self as well as hone your skills. Unfortunately, not everyone is privileged to go to school but everyone learns one way or the other, be it through an institution or environment. Knowledge is power and when you’re knowledgeable, you automatically become able to impact.

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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