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It’s officially braid season!

If you have not noticed, we’d like to bring to your attention that braided hairstyles are back! Even Beyoncé is in on it.

beyonce braids

Naturally, black hair is made for braids. Holds tight into the weaves and can be manipulated into different styles. And thankfully, we don’t have to wait till the next big fashion show to get new trends because stylists get creative everyday with braid styles.

Another amazing aspect of braids is you can get on this trend and still remain unique in your own style because there are numerous options to choose from.

Here are some of the best of the trending styles for you pick from:

Icy-Tip Braids


This ombre icy-tip box braid is a guaranteed head turner. Not to mention you’d look an exotic white-walker *wink*

Two-toned side braids


Intricate and stylish, this braid works best with blonde extensions. If you’re feeling creative you could try with other colors too.

Vibrant braids

beyonce braids

Risqué yet beautiful, this array of colors makes for unique braid style

Bold-Blue braids


Stylish with asymmetrical patterns, this bold-blue braids are as creative as they’re unique

Beaded Fulani braids

Fulani braids with beads

This hairstyle is probably the braids of 2019. You can recreate it in different colors and beads of your choice but it is a guaranteed head-turner.

Chunky side braids


This can also be made in different colors but would come out beautifully

High Ghana braids


This style not only work for all face types, it’s creates a stunning profile. You can use less extensions if you’re concerned with the weight.

Feed-in layered braids


Now this is a style fresh on the scene. Intricate and unique, this feed-in layered braids is a guaranteed stunner

Cord braids


This style will require more attention to detail as they have been linked with gold cord accessorizes but it will create a sure standout look.

Two step cornrows

You can either wear this two-step cornrows in a bun or let it fall free, either ways it’s a creative and unique style.

Two-toned faux locs

Faux locs is another beautiful braid style. It’s unique in its own and you can play around with different colors.

Chunky blond braids

long blonde braids

This braids are standout style. Chunky with the blonde sheen, you could make it below the waist line you want to go the extra.

As you must have realised, you could wear braid styles the whole year and never run out of interesting options. Be inspired!

Photo credit: Getty Images

By Sarah Oyedo

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