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It’s logical to think that we are more likely to make careless decisions just after a break up. In such a situation, we’re overwhelmed by emotions and we’re feeling so many different ways all at once; it’s hard to think clearly. The actions we take at such crossroads are often the difference between happiness and misery, so what must we not do just after a breakup?


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A common mistake most people make after a breakup is getting into another relationship too quickly. You want to show him you’re the winner when you arrive at the party with that new bobo. You want to give the ex your ‘e dey pain’ looks. This is never a good idea. 99.9% of the time when this happens, it is for all the wrong reasons. Don’t get into that new relationship because you want to prove something to your ex. Do not do it because you want in someone else what your ex gave you. Even if you’re going into that relationship simply because you want to be happy again, when it’s too soon, you’re still your ex’s partner in more ways than you know. You need time to find yourself again.

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Another very common mistake is pretending to be fine just after a breakup. You. Are. Not. Fine. Stop putting up the act for everyone around you and deal with the situation thoroughly instead. If you have to cry on, do it. If you have to eat an entire tub of ice cream, go for it. And if you have to burn all your ex’s belongings to get that sense of closure you so desperately need, then abeg, proceed with caution but sha, DO IT. Burying those feelings deep and pretending to just get on with your life will cost you more than it’s worth in the future.

After a breakup, you’re not going to find comfort under the influence. Abusing drugs or alcohol does nothing to help you situation.
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On the contrary, remember alcohol could very quickly become a depressant and drugs are a slippery slope so if you must have fun, do so in moderation.

Most importantly, remember- it’s not the end of the world. You’ll be happy again soon. You might even find love again at some point. It hurts like hell now but we promise, everything will be fine.

Written by Olutobi Odunubi

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