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Unless you’ve been chilling under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve probably come across the term ‘Brexit’. For those of you have been nodding along but secretly have no idea what’s going on, Britain recently voted to leave the European Union (Brexit = British Exit.)

Brexit sturvs

While people who voted to leave were over the moon…pretty much everyone else was not impressed.

Brexit idiot

Some of you might be wondering just how Brexit might affect us here in Nigeria. So we’ve taken the liberty of preparing a Brexit Pros and Cons list to help you figure things out.


Crying pound

When even the pound knows it’s losing…

The Brexit decision for certain means the pound is going to drop in value over the next few months. That means your naira can finally start to feel like more than mere monopoly money. Now when you travel to England, you can feel free to use your naira without having to break into a mad sweat with every transaction. Also, for those of you who have been saving in pounds, now would be an awesome time to switch to a dollar account.


brexit channel

Reporting live from the English Channel.

The grand debate can finally come to an end- it turns out Britain is racist after all. Britain wanting to leave the EU was lowkey also them admitting that they want everyone from the rest of the EU to leave Britain. Awkward…


Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.20.09 PM

It looks like we might just be smarter than the UK. It was found that one of the highest searched questions on Google the day after the Brexit decision was ‘what is the EU?’. Please, at least us Africans, we know what AU is. Hell, we even know what ECOWAS is. #winning.




If you thought getting a visa was hard before just you get ready for what will most likely be unreasonably strict visa regulations coming our way. We’re already having nightmares featuring numerous rejection letters.


nope sorry

My response to ‘fancy a trip to the UK?’

We’re almost positive the Brexit decision helped you figure out what your holiday plans were this year. Because as soon as it happened, you probably went ‘Lol, abeg, forget that one.’ and immediately crossed ‘London’ right off your list.

Written by Tamara Aihie


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