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Many colours and types of lipsticks exist.

As with most other types of makeup, so choosing the perfect makeup look, especially when it comes to applying different lipsticks or trying out different lip colours, it’s important to know what colour blends well with your skin tone.


Lipsticks have many variations including lip balms, glosses, crayons, pencils, liners and stains. Balms and glosses tend to be clear and not as dark or vibrant.

Lipstick happens to be one of a lady’s concentrated beauty area and that’s why nailing every bit of it is key.

Dark Red lipstick was one of the most popular shades throughout the 19th and 20th century but as the years kept passing by, different cosmetic designers like Elizabeth Arden began to Introduce different lipstick colours.

She inspired other companies to create a variety of lipstick shades in more unusual colours such as iridescent light blue, violets, black, hot pink, orange and neon.

These lipsticks are now trending and it has now become the regular makeup lip wear for ladies out there and also celebrities love applying them.

Checkout amazing lip colours to add to your stash:








So what’s your favourite lip-colour?

Written By Ugochi Obiajunwa

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