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The following conversation features 2 obsessive music heads at the Accelerate office. After giving Cardi B’s debut album, Invasion Of Privacy a comprehensive listen, their review came like this.

Oscar: First off all, let’s just get this out of the way. That album art did me somehow. I just thought it looked more like artwork for a single. It did not portray that “next heir to the throne” appeal that Cardi B has been establishing, but anyhow sha.

cardi b

Tunde: Yeah it was too Nicki Minajish.

Oscar: So your first thought about the album Tunde?

Tunde: Firstly big ups to Cardi B, for the transition from stripper to IG star to music star and roughening Nicki’s feathers.

Oscar: I swear that Nicki be like who go dey vex if she dey see Bodak Yellow video.

Oscar: So let’s get into it!!


Oscar: Does the album bang?

Tunde: Definitely. The production outshines the lyrics. It seems she took an in-house approach, and the most popular producers there to me are Boi 1da and DJ Mustard.

Oscar: So can a non Cardi B fan listen to the album without skipping?

Tunde: Cardi B fans won’t skip but non fans may skip a track.

Oscar: Ehn so what tracks may they skip? As in are there songs there that don’t snap, whereby you are forced to focus on her rhymes because the beat is just bleh?

Tunde: That song with Chance the rapper, Best life.

Oscar: Guy that chorus was so dead.

Tunde: I swear, the hook was kinda Lazy, so people who want to jam to snappers may just hit next.


Oscar: Oya, the main part, the bars!! Did she fall short of, meet or exceed expectations?

Tunde: She met expectations. She did what a Cardi B would do. A few punchlines here and there, decent delivery.

Oscar: But no bars to make you shout, like ‘ahhhh dope’, or tweet it as you hear it?

Tunde: There are some quotables there that chics will like.

Oscar: Shebi after the album dropped girls were Tweeting looking like a right swipe on Tinder”, which is a line from “Drip” featuring Migos.

Tunde: Another one that same “Best life” where she says “you’re a P***y and a rat, you’re like Tom & Jerry”.

Oscar: My best one was on I Do Featuring SZA. I’m a gangster in a dress, I’m a bully in the bed, only time I’m a lady is when I lay these h*es to rest”. LOL. I swear I felt that one.

Tunde: That one was really funny. It is actually an amusing album.

Oscar: So what do we say is the subject matter? What’s the album about?

Tunde: She just told her story basically, but didn’t over flog the come-up from being a stripper. In the first track Get Up 10 she briefly talked about how she had to dance, in a club near her school, but people look at it as being a hoe, and then she told the story of becoming a star from there and remarked that she’s not saying you sef go and do what she did oh, she’s just telling you her story.

“Ain’t no running up on me, went from nothing to glory

I ain’t telling ya’ll to do it, I’m just telling my story”

Oscar: So she didn’t dwell too much on the stripper to rapper gist?

Tunde: Nah, she moved on from there and went on to talk about cheating, pitfalls, shopping sprees, haters, liars…etc.


Oscar: Baddest feature on the album?

Tunde: SZA for sure, on ‘’I Do’’ and Migos on ‘’Drip’’

Oscar: Na you sabi, to me the baddest was J Balvin.

Tunde: *Sings* ‘’I said I like it like that’’


Tunde: Track 9, Money Bag….Chorus is as catchy as Bodak Yellow.

Tunde: Get Up 10, Is a solid intro in sound and story. Also had a Meek Mill feel about it.

Non favorites

Tunde: I won’t lie, Best life is forgettable, then She Bad ft Y.G. As for Bodak Yellow, that one we’ve just over jammed it and moved on.

TundeVerdict- Enjoyable body of work, it’s a funny album as I’ve said, and full of anthems for rebellious bad bitchery!! So we are giving it a 7/10. GO BARTIER!!

By @whoistunde & @thepyropreacher

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