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By Titi Gambit

This eyebrow matter is a serious one. Every makeup artist knows that the brows define the overall look of the makeup subject. Get it wrong and it is the worst look ever, but get them right and almost nothing else matters. Except the lips of course. We’ll get to that soon. But even though the brows and the styles of carving, shaping and plucking them have evolved over the years, there are general rules to steer clear of to get the perfect brows. Here they are:


  1. Box brows: Most common mistakes made by amateur makeup artists or even general people applying their own makeup is making the front part of the brows to be straight, which gives the overall brows a boxed look. Please, don’t draw your brows with a straight line from the beginning. Draw them in strokes.
  2. Long brows: It can be annoying to have your brows too short. After all, the point of drawing eyebrows at all is to increase the length of the short one you probably have. But there is a limit of the length of your brows. Don’t let it be so long it goes past your eye area. It is too clumsy. There is certain creativity to it. Learn it and know when to stop with the lines.
  3. Dark brows: Find the right pencil colour! I can’t stress this enough. Not all brown pencils are good for every lady and please never ever use black pencil to draw your brows. No one has pitch black eye brows (except on rare occasions). Find a brown pencil, but the right shade for your skin or le it match your hair.
  4. Fixed brows: Be flexible. Not everyone’s face fits every type of brow. Look at the shape of the face and its features before you decide the size, length and shape of brows to draw.
  5. Big brows: Yes, some of us have long, thick brows and some people really don’t want to cut off too much of their brows before having it drawn. But, always strive to make the brows look as small as possible. Don’t say because the client did not allow you to carve or pluck their brows, then you have to make it fat. That’s just plain ugly and wrong. Please, none of that this year.

Basically, makeup is a craft. And there is no craft that you can just jump into without learning some of its rules and techniques. Makeup is no different. Learn it if you want to do it right.

And dear customers, forget the one that they say allow the artists do their craft. At least, there’s a mirror. When you’re done with your makeup, look in the mirror and ensure that your face is done right. Anything you don’t like, quickly tell them to get it off. It is your face after all. Not just some merchandise you paid for.

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