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When you have a steady stream of income, budgeting really isn’t that difficult. For the most part, you can predict your expenses, income, and your day-to-day activities without any difficulty. But what happens when there is lack of income which pushes you into the dungeon of financial crises? You have no choice than to deal with it. In line with this, we share some helpful budgeting hacks.

Remain calm

During or after a crisis, you are worried about your expenses. You may even be afraid to open the mail for fear of yet another bill. It can feel like the world is collapsing in on you, and rational thought goes out the window. Through all of the stress, remember that this crisis is temporary; you can and will get through this in due time.

Prioritize expenses

What bills do you need to pay immediately? Answer this question, you will begin to get rid of not very important expenses. In fact, you should do a scale of preference of all your spending as this will prioritizing easy.

Check in with your finances daily

Until your financial situation is under control, make it a point to check in with your money every day. Review all of your bank accounts, bills, budget, and know when your income is available. It’s easy to get distracted and disorganized during a crisis, and that will only make your money matters worse.

Create a plan to protect your finances 

Digging yourself out of a financial hole will take time, but with persistence and smart money moves, it is absolutely possible. Once you are back on your feet, it’s time to take action to ensure the next financial crisis doesn’t land you back in the same hole. Start by prioritizing building an emergency fund so that you are protected to weather another financial storm.

Get additional sources of income if you can

Ideally, you want to have some money set aside in an emergency fund to help pay for any unexpected expenses, but this isn’t always possible. Where do you turn when you’ve exhausted your savings account? You can always try to get a loan or use credit cards, but these may only make the problem worse. The sure bet is to get more sources of income.

Know what to avoid

Regardless of crises, some people will continue to leave large. This is the worst action you can take during a financial crisis. Know what to tiptoe around and learn to stick to your decision. Be unwavering.

By Damilola Faustino

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