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What is that soul stirring tune at the beginning of this song? Somewhere at the 0:13 mark, seriously check it out and listen. Whatever that is and the way it signs in…it just burns and soothes at the same time*wipes tears*


Let’s sha get right into it. The 1st fine element of Babylon is that sign-in tune which rides the rhythm of the song through the verses, hooks and bridges. Tuface comes in with his deep rooted lyrics with themes about conquering opposition and how the devil is not a very cool somebody. M.I on the other hand focused on how Nigerian politicians are not very cool somebodies and Nigeria itself is not a very very cool somewhere.

Notable Quotes

Tuface: The road is rough and dark on this journey you embark, so keep the fire blazing, shine your eyes for better lighting.

M.I: I am, casting my iron to zion, with the heart of a lion…..as we are praying for triumph.

There’s a controlled riot of instrumentals under the vocals of the song with a soft drum beat that sounds like humans were hand tapping in sync. The beauty of this matches the synergy of TuBaba and M.I as they come with the kind of delivery that does not separate them by genres. As in…..one is a rapper and the other is an RnB/Afro pop singer…NOPE!! On this track they sound like they are both just sweet musicing people.

MI-ABAGA-CHM-2014-1699-1-  2face1

The ‘smash something and scream’ moment comes at that bridge, where they go line after line with each other. At this point they just morph into the African projection of Nas and Damian Marley with Distant Relatives, which that point of the song may remind you of. (Somebody say Sabali)nas-marley-distant-relatives

Produced by M.I and torched by M.I and Tuface, Babylon is a fine tune to jam over the weeknd. For all you ”dabbing to everything” people,….not on this one sha. Eez Good for you!

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