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Burna Boy is known to be one of the most tattooed singers in the entertainment industry and we can’t take that away from him.

He broke down bits by bits the names and the reasons behind each tattoo on his body during a recent interview and they are very interesting.

From having the Nigerian coat of arms to Fela’s name on his hand, Burna Boy sure has a very strong attachment to all the tattoos on his body. He revealed all these during an exclusive chat with fashion magazine, GQ.

“The first one is a Psalm from the bible. I was just in a dark place and this was the Psalm that felt like I wrote it at that time. This is the tattoo I got after my third American tour. It’s like a rock star tattoo. On my fingers, we have ‘God’s love’ that’s like the fuel. Then this is like a brick wall, it has family written pon it then it also has some of my family members name on it.

“Then this is like a bleeding heart but it still shines so it shows that even with all the…something might be shining but it still bleeds. Then this is Fela Kuti, he is like my hero, he is like the best musician that ever lived,” he said.

It didn’t end there he went to show off the tattoos created from his first-ever album, Life and that of the nickname his grandfather and Fela Kuti use to call each other back in the days.

See the video below:

By: Dammy Eneli

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