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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Nigerian hip hop fans are in a frenzy over the news that Burna Boy features in the seventh studio album of American rock band, Fall Out Boy.

Burna boy

Over the weekend, the band launched a website called IsManiaDoneYet.com, and later revealed that the answer is “Yes.”

The album is 10 songs long, and employs a number of traditional FOB track title conventions, including slashes and parentheses.

Mania was originally scheduled to arrive in September, but was delayed after the band realized it wasn’t ready. The album will finally be released January 19.

Here is the Mania track list:

Mania Fall Out Boy

“Young and Menace”
“Stay Frosty/Royal Milk Tea”
“Hold Me Tight or Don’t”
“Last of the Real Ones”
“Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)”
“Heavens Gate”
“Sunshine Riptide” ft. Burna Boy
“Bishops Knife Trick”

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