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Burna Boy almost lost his cool during his performance at Phyno’s concert, Phynofest2016, where fans tried to strip him of his shoes and socks.

According to HipTV, a video of the concert shared via Instagram showed a fan can be seen untying one of his Nike Air Max sneakers before it was later taken off.




According to an Instagram user, c_codenwafor, who also shared a video from the concert, Burna Boy tossed the second shoe at the fan after the first pair was taken off as a kind gesture.




But when an attempt was made on his socks, he got worked up.

He wrote,

“Those fans untied his shoes and took one, Burna then freely pulled the remaining right side and tossed it over to the guy and continued his performance as if nothing happened. Later on, he got to the same spot and someone tried removing his stockings and that when he got angry.”

Thankfully, Phyno intervened just in time to put an end to the potential fracas, calming Burna down then He continued with his performance.

Kindly ‘Pree Burna’.


Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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