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On September 11, 2019, Nigerian superstar performed at ‘Burna Boy Concert: The After-party’ in Atlanta, Georgia, US. During the event, the mostly shirtless Burna Boy thrilled fans with his swaggering, boundless energy and dance routines. He also performed hits like, ‘Ja Ara E,’ ‘Anybody,’ ‘Dangote,’ ‘Pull Up,’ ‘Soke,’ ‘Killin Dem’ and so forth a he was backed up by an amazing live band and his two recognizable female back-up singers.

burna kimmel

However, something else happened. During one of his performances, he stopped his band from playing and directly addressed two members of his audience that were supposedly not matching his energy and expectations. He also told one of those fans to go home and angrily offered to refund their ticket.

During the one-minute rant, he says, “(Calls a fan), Wait there, come here, (gave him money) oya go home.. The guy is annoying me. (Calls the second guy) This guy too, in green, why are you here? Hello you, why are you here? Okay, I see you (laughs).”

He then leaves that guy and comes back to the first guy and angrily says, “Security, carry this guy comot from my front. You can go to the back though. You can’t stay in the front. The front is too big for my normal, die-hard Burna Boy fans – everyone that understands what the f*** I’m doing this for. Everyone that sees my song, my sorrow, my blood, my sweat, my tears that I put into this music…

“I do this sh** for you, from the bottom of my heart. I’ve not come here to play. So, if you want to come here and do a fashion show or you want to stand and look at me, go to the f***king church, you understand? So, my brother please, your face is not encouraging me.

Throughout the one-minute rant, his fans were cheering him on and made him know that they understood him. This comers after Burna’s multi-leg media tour of the American platforms and his listening party in Lagos, Nigeria. His song, ‘Anybody’ was also recently featured on the TV show, ‘Ballers.’
By: Dammy Eneli

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