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Anniversary, Valentine’s Day and a random Tuesday- whenever you buy a gift for your man, it not only makes him realize how much your value him but it also showcases how thoughtful you really are. The problem is, men are weird. Nothing is more worrisome for a woman than trying to figure out what gift to buy for her man. Unlike most women, who are often content with simple gifts like flowers, chocolates and jewelries, finding the right gift that will resonate with your man can be a herculean task. So in order to avoid you having a headache, we’ve come up with a list for you:

  1. A backpack: This works fine if your guy is a techy person and always needs to move around with his laptop and other electronic gadget.
  2. Clipper set: Need we explain this one? Every guy needs a personal set please.
  3. Headphones: If you’ve got a music freak on your hands then look no further.
  4. Body care set: Some guys were born models; help a brother in achieving his life passion.
  5. Fancy Key holder: Well, this is just a cute gift especially when it comes a personalized writing from you.
  6. Black and white framed portrait: Get an old picture of you both, change it to a black and white version and frame it. If your boyfriend is the mushy type then he’ll totally love this one.
  7. Beard kit: Is your man a member of the beard gang academy? Then gift him a beard kit which helps in keeping his beard mildly perfumed, tidy and lustrous.
  8. Kitchen appliances: Simple kitchen appliances like toaster, microwave, air fryer and food processor can impress a guy who loves to cook or making cooking simpler if he does so occasionally.
  9. Gaming gadgets: If your favorite guy is a game freak then get his best friend to tell you which one is his fav, then buy it. You can even go the extra mile by pre-ordering and having the latest version of the game delivered on the release date for him.
  10. Solar charger: For a guy whose job requires him to constantly be on the move, the solar charger is the perfect gift for him. It’s also cool for the more jealous babes out there too. Since it doesn’t require electricity, low battery is never an excuse for bae anymore when his number is not reachable.
  11. Personalized underwear: You can take the boring typical underwear gift to a new level by getting him a customized pair with a sweet and funny message like “property of Michelle” or “hooked on Michelle”.
  12. Hair products: If your boyfriend has a mane as luxurious as yours then a kit of male hair products would be a simple but amazing gift idea to invest in.
  13. Surprise dinner/ getaway: This might be a little cliché but nothing beats a quiet dinner or a weekend getaway with just the two of you. Not only will you boyfriend appreciate this gift but he’ll absolutely love the fact that you took out time to have this planned out.

Is there anything we missed out? Or are all these ones too fancy self? Let us know in the comments below.


Written by Treasure Asannamy 

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