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Calling All Beauty Businesses Affected By The Unrest

Dear beauty businesses and fashion business owners,

if your brand was affected tremendusously by the nationwide unrest then this message is for you!

Let’s be honest, the result of the last two weeks was not lost on anyone.

The world was praying for Nigeria as we all witnessed how a peaceful  #EndSars protest was hijacked and turned into an anti-social, unhinges, and bloody ordeal.

Taking into consideration the unfortunate side effects that have resulted from all this and how low our emotions fell,

we found that the average Nigerian lost their level of patriotism and the average Nigerian business suffered from being forced to close up and lose out on sales each day of the government-mandated curfew.

Yet, we must admit that the business owners whose stores and brands got vandalized by the wayward thugs are at the peak of the vulnerability chain.


Beauty businesses recovery

the online fashion and beauty hub is calling all beauty and fashion businesses who suffered from the senseless looting .

SMA took to Instagram to invite the aforementioned subject party  to engage in conversations with their team on how they can help.

Click this link to find out what steps they are taking so far to raise money for businesses to rebuild.


This comes after the special announcement from Access Bank;

The leading bank in West Africa has taken laudable steps to supplement any business in the process of rebuilding

This will be done via a N50 billion interest-free loan.