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“Wow.” That seemed to be the overall reaction from Camila Cabello fans after watching the singer’s passionate performances on Saturday Night Live.

Cabello certainly pulled out all the stops for her Oct. 12 debut on the late-night comedy show. She kicked off the night with an elaborate, 18th century-themed performance of her new single “Cry for Me,” and followed it up with a standing ovation-worthy delivery of “Easy.” And if you weren’t already a fan, then her two SNL performances certainly made you one.

Following her lively performance of “Cry for Me” — where Cabello conjured powder-wigged memories of the Marie Antoinette-inspired vibe of Madonna’s 1990s MTV VMAs performance of “Vogue” — a fan pleaded for the singer to enter the world of musical theater. “I want Camila Cabello on Broadway!!!!” the fan tweeted.

Others were simply blown away by the singer’s undeniable talent.

“Camila can give you an euphoric performance and minutes later give you a super passionate performance, she can interpret the music in a special way and convey different emotions to the listener … THIS IS CAMILA CABELLO. shut up and listen. #CamilaOnSNL” the fan tweeted.

By: Dammy Eneli

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