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By Modupe Lamikanra

One of the most important things I have learnt from my first year of university is that FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is very real and powerful.


I would be dragged on nights out under the impression that my friends would have a great time without me. It ended up happening that 80% of the time I would be in the middle of the club sober, bored and avoiding all the waste men in the club.

I spent every night of the week of my finals in the club due to FOMO. It was not worth it. Out of the four nights, only one was fun. The first night, something told me it was going to be a burst, so I took some notecards with me. While my friends were off searching for someone to make out with, I sat in a quiet corner and went over things for my exam the next morning.

When a guy randomly approached me, I dismissed him saying “oh, my boyfriend is waiting for me back home.” The night was not too bad. One of my friends ended up heading back with her ex while my other friend and I met up with a friend we had to meet at the club our first night out in Florence. He took us to one of his friend’s bars, and we chatted for 2 hours waiting for our other friend to get back. But that’s just one point.

Another time, I was just in bed with a face mask on and my friends burst into the room blasting Work by Rihanna and screaming how we should try going out – on a Monday night!

My roommate was the first to be ready, jumping out of bed with one trouser leg already on. Of course, my more sensible friends could not be swayed. We still ran out trying to make it to the bar before the student discount expired.

We ended up at the bar, only for them to tell us that the promotion that had pulled me out of bed was invalid that night. After ten minutes, back and forth with the bartenders, I ended up producing the original Facebook post. They scanned the page and realized there was no way around it so they produced the four shots needed for us to gain free entry at the club.

They gave these random fire shots that required us to suck in some spicy air with a straw until we chocked. By the time we got to the club, it was dead with random people doing backflips in the middle of the dance floor. We finally decided to leave when they started playing random country music. We never went back to that club or even anywhere during the week.

So for the first time, I finally said no; but it was not by choice. I had no money to go out unless I went without food for two weeks. Although I had a slight feeling of regret in the morning but by 12, I was over it and gradually, I ended up staying in more and more, realizing it was not that bad.

What’s my point?!

My point is FOMO! It is real and you have to overcome it if you will conquer College. Trust me, you’re missing out on nothing much when your friends are out. Even if it turns out you missed some big gig, think of the up sides – you saved money, saved time, probably caught up on more school work, rested well, amongst other things you can achieve on a night of peace and quiet without your friends and roommates.

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