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That’s right- you can now buy a sports hijab. It’s about time! Although some are calling 2016 one of the worst years in human history, one upshot has to be that hijab wearing athletes have gotten much more visibility this year.


We don’t expect you not to know what a hijab is but just incase you don’t, it is the headscarf some Muslim women use to veil their hair and neck in public for religious purposes.
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This tradition has made it difficult for women who want to participate in high-intensity athletics hard to do so.
Despite the fact that fewer Muslim women are letting their hijabs hold them back, there have been little innovations in making the garments themselves more practical for workouts and competition. But now, that’s all about to change. A Muslim American woman by the name of Faith Hussein and her business partner Jamming Glover have been able to raise $38,000 to begin producing sport hijabs through crowd-funding. They are currently slated to start shipping by February world wide.
For spring, the company has big plans to launch team uniforms and even more active-wear options for Muslim women and any other women who practice modesty by covering up. Nice one!
Written by Tokyo James

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