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Carboholism or sugar addiction is a direct cause of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, depression and a long list of medical, dental and psychiatric condition. It’s indeed a very real affliction.




I once longed for chocolates so much that I ran out in the rains, not minding putting on my flip flops covered with my little umbrella for shelter, wandering around the ever hustling and bustling streets of Lagos until I got my fix.




Clearly, I have a problem, and it’s not just a lack of willpower. Lol.

Some researchers suggest that not only do refined carbs like white rice, pasta, cake and croissants cause us to gain weight, causing the body to store excess sugar as fat, processed carbs and simple sugars also entirely lack nutrients, fat, fibers and protein.




They give us lasting satiety but usually take a while to digest,” says Andrew Lawson, MD, Coauthor of clean cuisine.

He added that, “They give you a brief feel-good rush and when it’s over you want more.

But Dr Mehmet’s new theory that sex can curb carbs craving had my attention.

He made it more interesting.

The True but not very scientific idea is – the rush gotten from refined carbs come when they trigger the release of the feel-good hormones serotonin in your brain, but sexual arousal emits a powerful happiness hormone of its own called oxytocin.

So it seems from Dr Oz’s theory, that when you crave the comfort of some cheese cake, why not reach for a condom instead?

Theoretically, this could work,” agrees Dr Lawson albeit cautiously.

For days I then vowed anytime I had an intense carb craving, I would do something sexual in an effort to offset it.

My take on this!


Photo Source: Cosmopolitan

Written by Patrick Eromosele Eidusi


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