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Milan has been the reference point for various fashion movements in the world for a while now. But when it comes to diversity, it is lagging behind compared to its counterparts. There has been some movement in the last few years towards a more diverse casting, however, it has occurred at a slow rate. The lack of variety is always even more pronounced during the menswear collections showcase as most designers rely on white casts. That being said, things have begun to change.
Milan Fashion week
Milan Fashion Week 5
Over the weekend, Prada opened her fall show with a skateboarder turned model Kaissan Ibrahima who is one of the lucky few to have landed a top spot at Prada. The lineup was filled with eclectic young men and women selected by casting director Ashley Brokaw. It included Swedish and Cape Verdean newcomer Joaquim Arnell, Senegalese-German model Alpha Dia, and Korea’s Next Top Model alum Jeong Yong Soo. The blend of different countries and races truly sows the international reach Prada represents.
 Versace underscored themes of fearlessness and hope as well by making the cast diverse. The collection featured chiseled bodied men from all over the world. However, the showcase was opened and closed by Nigerian Elite Model Look winner Davidson Obennebo.
Milan fashion Week 3
Milan Fashion Week4
Prada and Versace were not the only big brands as Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino and Ermenegildo Zegna were also part of the diverse, inclusive model selection. The reason for this change aside, it is quite refreshing that there is a positive shift towards inclusiveness. There is still a long way to go but with it show, we are moved closer to a true representation of the world’s reality on the runways.
   Milan fashion Week2
Image source: vogue.com