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Cutting off a person who you’ve shared dreams, secrets, your bed and sometimes even a home can be a very tough decision. Plus the pervasive nature of social media today makes keeping your ex at arm’s length much more difficult. Can You Stay Friends After a Break Up?

Some relationships are plain toxic and staying friends after your break will only lead to more serious problems you could have simply avoided. However, some practical reasons exist why it is necessary you should keep in contact with your ex. Here’s a few things to consider before deciding to keep the line of communication open with you ex

-Emotional Connection: To maintain a healthy relationship with your Ex, you’ve got to be sure the feelings are dead; both the positives and the negatives. Ask yourself how you feel when you think about your Ex and if your feelings are free from anger, frustration, sadness and are now totally neutral, then you might be ready to foster a good relationship with them.

-How the Relationship Ended: Sometimes, when a romantic relationship ends, there is reason to remain in contact. Suppose you have children together, co-own a business venture or even work in the same company,-you’re not going to throw all ow that away because your relationship ended, right? In a situation like this, you need to be civil and maintain contact for the greater good of all.

-If you broke up with your Ex and they are not taking it very well, it’s natural that you may want to stick around to offer them comfort in order to ease your guilt. As helpful as this may seem to you, you’re putting yourself in a difficult situation as well as preventing your Ex from moving on.

-How does your current partner feel about it? Would you feel awkward if you had to hang out with your current partner and Ex Together? If your answer is yes then let him go. If your partner is cool with you communicating with your Ex then its fine but if it’s a sneaky business then it’s clearly not a good sign. Again staying in contact with your Ex can lead you to believe that things could be better especially when you have problems with your current boyfriend. Remember that they are your Ex for a reason and focus on building your current relationship.

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Written by Treasure Asanammy

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