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Cardi B is responding to accusations she caused a blogger to receive gang death threats. According to court documents, Cardi B is asking a judge to dismiss the lawsuit brought Latasha K.

Earlier this year, Cardi B sued Latasha K accusing her of defamation. The singer took issue with the woman calling her a prostitute and claiming she had herpes. The blogger countersued Cardi for $1 million. She claimed the rapper’s public comments caused her to receive death threats.

In newly filed documents, Cardi denies all allegations of wrongdoing in Latasha’s countersuit. Cardi is adamant that she did nothing to cause others to threaten the blogger.

She states, “Plaintiff did not assault Kebe. Plaintiff took no action that reasonably caused Kebe to apprehend a violent injury from any unlawful acts by the Plaintiff. Plaintiff made no threat to Kebe that reasonably placed her in imminent fear of violent injury by Plaintiff. Further, to the extent that Kebe claims that a statement made by Plaintiff caused her to fear for her safety, any such alleged statement, even if made by Plaintiff, was not made within close proximity of Kebe. Thus, Kebe had no reasonable apprehension of violent imminent injury by Plaintiff.”

Cardi says any statements she made were her opinion. The rapper says she “had an honest belief in the truth of the statements made.” Cardi argues she cannot be held liable for third parties’ actions. She is demanding the entire lawsuit be thrown out.

By: Damilola Faustino

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