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By Damilola Faustino

Cardi B has revealed how much she is getting paid to play Coachella festival which takes place from 13th Apr 2018 to 22nd Apr 2018.

cardi b

Speaking during an interview, Cardi B revealed that she is making $70,000 a day to play at the festival.

Cardi added that the price is relatively low because Coachella booked her in six months, when she wasn’t as big a star as she is now.
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“I didn’t realise that Coachella was just such a big deal like that. I didn’t know that it was a lot of people.”

She also revealed that, similar to Beyoncé, she’ll be doing 10-hour rehearsals to “Get It Right”.

Beyoncé, The Weeknd and Eminem are confirmed as headliners for this year’s Coachella, with the former reportedly preparing for the festival with 11-hour long rehearsals.

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