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By Damilola Faustino

You want what is best for you in your career, so you want to make all the right decisions, but it is also easy in this process, to make certain decisions that ultimately don’t work out. And while some career mistakes are unavoidable, the last thing you want to do is look back on your career and regret the choices you made throughout it. Here are a few decisions you may probably end up regretting at some point:


Forcing yourself to stay in a bad job

You spend so many hours working during the week that you deserve to get some sense of satisfaction from what you do. So if you’re bored or miserable at work, don’t force yourself to stay on board because you’re worried about taking your chances elsewhere. The longer you remain at a bad job, the more you hinder your career progress, so figure out an escape plan and pull the trigger.

You are not networking

It takes knowledge and skill to further your career, but it also takes people. While your experience will help you sell yourself to prospective employers, it’s the people you know who will most likely help you first get in the door. So don’t hesitate to put yourself out there, whether it’s striking up conversations with the folks you meet at business conferences or asking friends and neighbours to introduce you to their contacts. The more resources you have, the greater your chances of one day unearthing an opportunity you otherwise wouldn’t have discovered.

Focusing on working over time

There’s nothing wrong with working hard and pushing yourself to do well at your job. But there’s a difference between walking extra hours to get tasks done and forcing yourself to be the last one to leave the office every night so that your boss takes notice. Any manager who’s big on working overtime isn’t the sort of boss you should stress.

Only going after the money

Anyone who tells you that money isn’t important clearly doesn’t have a whole lot of bills to pay. The fact of the matter is that money is important. You need money to keep up with expenses, save for financial goals, and enjoy some of the luxuries you work hard for.
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But there’s a difference between wanting a decent salary and making money the only deciding factor when taking a job. And if you’re offered a position you’re sure you’ll hate, it doesn’t matter if it comes with the most generous salary you’ve seen to date — you’re still better off saying no and finding something fulfilling that also will pay the bills.

Refusing to take risks

It’s never easy to put yourself out there and risk not succeeding. However, if you never take risks during your career, you’ll miss out on the rewards they might deliver. Imagine a new project opens up at work that’s so daunting, no one wants to manage it. If you volunteer and pull it off, that could set the stage for a much-deserved promotion.

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