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By Damilola Faustino

A mistake some people make is thinking that resolution is just for the new year. It is actually not. By setting and reviewing your career goals, it will prevent you from being too comfortable as well as stop you from burning out. As the year is gradually winding down, we share career goals guideposts to help you identify growth opportunities and measure progress:

Start networking 

Many professionals turn to networking when they need something, such as a new job or an introduction. For the best results, don’t wait until you’re desperate — make it one of your career goals to start today.

Create a more visible presence

If you tend to stay within your department, make it one of your career goals to branch out. Go to lunch at a different time and strike up a conversation with someone. Volunteer for a cross-departmental project and make a point to do spectacular work. Say hello to executives in the hallway. When you’re more visible within the company, supervisors are more likely to think of you for promotions, special projects and other career-boosting growth opportunities.

Update all your profiles

When you are employed, it is easy to forget about your curriculum vitae, LinkedIn profile and other public profiles. If this is the case with you, update your job information on LinkedIn, professional blog and work-related social media profiles. Then, update your curriculum vitae with duties from your current position. This will make you appear active and engaged online as well as ensures that you are ready to act when possible opportunities arise.

Build new skills

Think about the qualifications you need to make the next step in your career.  If you don’t have the qualifications yet, then skill-building should be one of your career goals. Look over descriptions for your dream job, and identify two or three hard skills that you are currently lacking. Then, map out strategies or ways to acquire these skills.

Reduce stress

If you do not reduce stress, it can lead to burnout and health issues. You should imbibe habits that can help reduce stress and boost health. Organise your inbox, learn how to prioritise and how to leave work behind when you go home for the day. This will make it easier for to stay healthy and fit when you eventually reach a managerial position which can set you apart from others.

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