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Cassper and AKA are now apparently at peace with each other.

The respected SA fine rappers squashed their beef and embraced in a bear hug that sent the South African Entertainment scene into a frenzy. What a surprise.

When asked about the incident which led to AKA slapping him at a club in August 2015, Cassper said;

“At that moment I wanted to fight back. I wanted to smash him,” the Mafikeng star told show host Anele, noting that he came to his senses ‘very quickly’.

“People got between us. And as I looked into the situation I said ‘this is not me.’ I don’t want to be known for this. Cassper Nyovest is a brand I respect. Kids will do anything I do. So if they hear about me fighting then they will fight,”

“Even if it is AKA fans or Cassper Nyovest fans, they are gonna fight,” the rapper said. “A lot of people who listen to hip hop smoke weed because it’s glorified. I am aware of that and I try to be as responsible as I can.”

“He added that his parents always had the conversation with him too, asking him to let the feud go”.

Well, now that both rappers are at peace, we only hope that they don’t go to war soonest.

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