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#Unforgettable: The Priced Target (Ep 5)

By Sarah Oyedo Ewere’s gut twisted sharply as it carried the message to his brain; they were coming for him. Earlier, he had killed the lights, arranged his phones and laptop on the chrome table of his small sitting room. Then he hid what was ...

Prepping For Life After School

By Nkem Ikeh Last day of school and you are thinking “I can’t wait for adult life”. There is usually the excitement as well as nervousness because you have n...

#Unforgettable: Igbinoba (Ep 4)

By Sarah Oyedo What hath night to do with sleep? ~ John Milton The toilet bowl had not been washed for days. He could tell as he directed his flashlight on the ceramic of the bowl. It was ridden with brownish stains and big green flies hovered ...