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dorothy tillman

12-Year-Old D. J. Tillman Graduates From College

By Simi Ayeni Meet 12-year-old college graduate Dorothy Jean "DJ" Tillman who is from the south-side of Chicago. DJ received her Associates in Psychology from the College of Lake County and her bachelor of Liberal Arts all at the age of 12. ...
Governor Wike Leads Protest Against Rivers State Police

Hacks To Stay Safe During A School Protest/Riot

By Nkem Ikeh Some people go through their school life without experiencing any form of protest or riot. However, if for some random reason this happens since we are all for standing for your right (peacefully of course) it is possible to have a fe...

Prepping For Life After School

By Nkem Ikeh Last day of school and you are thinking “I can’t wait for adult life”. There is usually the excitement as well as nervousness because you have no idea what the world has install for you. But the truth is that life after school is one ...

#Unforgettable: Igbinoba (Ep 4)

By Sarah Oyedo What hath night to do with sleep? ~ John Milton The toilet bowl had not been washed for days. He could tell as he directed his flashlight o...