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drinking alcohol

#Unforgettable: Breached (Ep 3)

By Sarah Oyedo Sha yo nah b*st*rd. The girl in red dress from the party was grinding on him. Hard. Only this time, her gown had morphed into a skimpy bum short and her apple shaped derriere was pressing into his fly, twerking rapidly to the...
might of guardian prime

Comic Republic Drops ‘Might of Guardian Prime’ Issue 9

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye The long awaited 9th issue of "Might of Guardian Prime" is finally available! Brought to you by the creative team of Wale Awelenje and Stanley “Stanch” Obende, this issue continues one of the two parallel stories currently be...

#CampusMusings: Say No To FOMO

By Modupe Lamikanra One of the most important things I have learnt from my first year of university is that FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is very real and power...
Do or Die Affair - APC Chieftain Shot Dead In Ondo

#Unforgettable – One Bullet, Two Holes (Ep 2)

By Sarah Oyedo “I say shoot am now!” The air in the room crackled of static tension. Every drawn breath could be heard as it exited the lungs and went back in. As the scenes from his short life flashed before his eyes, Morgan tried to say his l...

Summer Hacks For Undergraduates

By Daniel Ugbang University students are often confronted by a need to learn life skills like changing a tire, sewing a button, or basic cooking. It is only ...

#Unforgettable – The Invasion (Ep 1)

By Sarah Oyedo It all started with the invasion... This is maybe a true story, kinda. Any relations to a person living or dead will be denied with vehemence unadulterated. I repeat, if you feel like the story is talking about you; it’s not. Th...