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#CampusMusings: Say No To FOMO

By Modupe Lamikanra One of the most important things I have learnt from my first year of university is that FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is very real and powerful. I would be dragged on nights out under the impression that my friends would ha...

Summer Hacks For Undergraduates

By Daniel Ugbang University students are often confronted by a need to learn life skills like changing a tire, sewing a button, or basic cooking. It is only right that you set your goals ahead of the summer and follow these goals through; be it in...

#Freshers – Hacks For Surviving 100 Level

You’ve finally made it. You were one of the chosen, you can finally claim the one thing you’ve fantasized about for most of your life. Your freedom. For most people, this translates roughly as, late nights, skimpy clothes, older men and a complete di...