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skinny boy styles

Skinny Boy?- 4 Style Fits For You

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton Being skinny might be more fashionable to a few ...

#Fashistory: Fashion in the 1840s

#fashistory features the history of fashion, story behind some dresses and attires the world over. This will be the first in series of the incredible journey of...

Nwakego- The Roose Pieces Special

Flirty, fun and chic are a few of the words we can possibly use to describe Roose Pieces style! And that’s just what has been portrayed in the just released col...
LFDW 2016 days 3 and 4

The Last Few Days of #LFDW’16

DAY 3 Two days of real style as well as tacky and daring outfits.  Fashion enthusiasts and designers were not stopping. Friday and Day 3 of Heineken's LFDW h...
copycats in fashion

Copycats in Fashion

The issue of knockoffs has been a debate topic in the fashion industry for a while now. There are various fashion brands that have excelled from selling the che...