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#MotivationalMonday: Persistence

Some heights appear unreachable, some goals appear unachievable, some dreams appear like fantasy and so we just leave them be and settle for the things that loo...
moving on

#MotivationMonday: Moving On

Many times we are so stuck in past mode that we refuse to see that tomorrow is a better day to win than yesterday will ever be. Because of this, we hurt, we wor...
the life road

#MotivationalMonday: The Life Road

Often times we tend to look at life from the pedestal we are placed upon, it could be high or not so high but truly we are the architects of our own outcome. ...

#MotivationalMonday: A Ray of Hope

This life is a mystery. You may never truly understand it. No matter how much you try, you may never be able to predict everything that will happen every day yo...
moving on

#MotivationalMonday: Moving On

Often in life, things don’t always go as we planned or fantasized it to be. A once loving marriage can turn sour. A promising career go down a slippery slope. L...