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smelly feet

Hacks For Dealing With Smelly Feet

By Damilola Faustino Smelly feet are a common problem and can be really embarrassing. Regardless of the temperature and the weather, anyone can get sweaty fe...
To_Groove_or_not_to_Groove_ (1)

To Groove Or Not To Groove

-- Ake Arts & Book Festival is five days of cultural immersion. As is always the case, Ake Arts and Book Festival aims to showcase the very best of contempo...

How To Lose Weight Over Breakfast

By Sarah Oyedo You probably didn't know that eggs are one of the top 7 healthiest foods of the planet. let's just say - eggs are the superfood you've always ...
To_Groove_or_not_to_Groove_ (1)

To Groove Or Not To Groove

If you aren't too busy binge watching all the numerous Music videos that dropped this week, we've got a line up of activities that are sure to interest you. Che...

#ActingOutLife: Hierarchy

  By Omoye Uzamere We were sitting down in the actors’ holding area, chatting - some lying down, some sitting, some in awkward half-sitting half-susp...