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Corper Shun

Accelerate’s Corper Shun is a drama series centred around the lives of Nigerian youths during the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Get ready to reminisce on all the fun moments from your service year

Corper Shun- The Showdown (Ep 11)

SHOWTIME!! Here comes the concert set up by the 5, and Alani is feeling very good about his CDS Squad. They must reunite Nigeria somehow someway. https://you...

Corper Shun- Oya What Next? (Ep 9)

New plan in place? Zubby seems to have the answer to the new idea the Reunite Nigeria CDS wants to take on, after Gbenga's radio blabbing dropped the ball on th...
corper shun

Corper Shun – The Eviction (Ep 5)

Its crunch time for IB, Zubby, Gbenga, Valerie and Aminat. Mr Alani is done with the excuses and is about to take a drastic action. Here comes Valerie with a ma...