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Sodiq Yusuf, CDQ is on his own brand named “NSNS” after leaving His former label “General Record” Entertainment. The graduate of University of Lagos, concerning leaving his former label and tour on his new label, said;

“About my contract with General Records, to pick out the point, Master Craft is not the CEO of General Records, he is my official producer that’s part of General Records. I signed a 3 year deal with General Record, from October 1 2013- October 1 2016. I was in the US when the contract actually ended, we didn’t fight or anything, we agreed to move on my own, we don’t have any issue or fought in any way. I just want to know how it feels to be a man of my own”

“I did a show in New York for NEA award, I had a show in Maryland, Washington DC, Dallas, Rhode Island- a lot of places, to my surprise, and I didn’t know CDQ as a brand has become so big in those countries”

Talking about if language has been a barrier, he mentioned;

“Music is a universal language a lot of African artiste(s) are breaking into the European, American market, not like they understand what they are saying but the vibe and the music in the instrumental and the quality of the sound matters a lot”.


Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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