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Celebrate the Youth With Henri Uduku’s Latest Release Tagged “Freudian”

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By Ugochi Obiajunwa

Nigerian Fashion brand Henri Uduku has released its Spring 18 collection tagged ‘Freudian’.

Henri Uduku

The brand’s creative director says:

As a brand we have come a long since our first flirtations with womenswear. We loved the freedom that womenswear seemed to offer, the lure of experimentation and the joy of diversity.

But like love that blooms prematurely, our attempts to crystallize our admiration of the female silhouette were overwrought yet unfinished. So we stepped away from the cutting table and stripped our brand back to its core essence, staples for men and women. We have spent the last few years dressing men and women and offering them excellent tailoring and sartorial choice with a heavy hand of minimalism. Clothes that is unassuming in the real world but whose craftsmanship is felt by the wearer.

Henri Uduku

But as we have grown with them, the men and women we dress have demanded more of us, pushed us to return to our first love, womenswear. But we return, worldly wise and experienced, ready to take chances.

Our Spring 18 collection, “Freudian” remains true to the core aesthetics of the Henri Uduku brand, but it is also a celebration of youth and the elasticity of personality that vital phase allows. We known no one is ever just one thing and we try to express that multiplicity through striping and flares and tiny design quirks, like deconstructed zipper closures and smocks with open backs and a scoop neck.

We celebrate multiplicity through layering, introducing our first explorations of outerwear, 3/4 sleeved military inspired jackets to sate our preoccupations with structure and order while acknowledging the very specific needs of millennial sensibilities. We court maximalism in this season’s only prints; jumbo polka dots, couched within each other like a frenzied dream. “Freudian” teases the edge of propriety, testing its tension without ever breaching the circle, it is norm-core for the non-conformist, staples for the adventurer, a collection made with you in mind.

Check out the collection in the slides above


Photography: @22.jumpstr

Styling: @mruduku

Models: @divamaka @viaxade

Shoot Coordinators: @tysonnoir@udukujnr

Words: @edgothboy

MUA: Blaackroyalty_

Assists: @udukujnr, @tysonnoir

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