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Self-Isolation Has forced these celebrities’ hands,

 half of them  are making a case for at-home hair cuts whilst the others are getting creative with at-home dye jobs whilst under lockdown

 And, I must add,

I’m actually impressed with a lot of these looks

Scroll to see for yourself and you just may be inspired to cut or dye your hair amidst the pandemic

Blonde Wig

Amber Rose is known for her famous bleach-blonde buzz.

So when it comes to making the decision to cut or to dye hair can you guess what she chose?

However, whilst under lockdown, the bald-headed female rights activist swapped her signature look for some super-straight blonde inches.

And I can’t even hide how envious I am at how she can pull any look off!

Despite it being a wig, Amber served pure flames and I’m looking forward to her slaying more looks on the Gram!

The Big Shave

Think Pink

Dua Lipa is the name on every music head’s lips right now including mine. She’s been bringing our banger after banger

But Dua is special to me because I’ve witnessed her go the extra mile in ensuring that her videos

portray her love for fashion and Haute Couture.

When it came to the decision of hair cut or day, she went with dye.

Dua is just one of a few celebrities who’ve died their hair pink amidst the pandemic.

We’ve also witnessed this move from

Ricky Martin


Jennifer Love Hewitt


Don’t Try This At Home!

Pink is internationally known for not giving a flying flip!

And as usual, she proved this to us via her Instagram live; the songstress took a buzzer and scissors to her hair while drinking an alcoholic beverage and the rest was history

nOTE TO SELF: never engage in tipsy hair cuts unless you want an uneven disaster of a hair cut


Trim and Friction

Yahya is cutting his own hair and grooming his beard to perfection, in addition to doing a whole lot more.

Honestly, this insanely fine actor is using this lockdown to hone his skills and engage in soul searching.

When he’s not dressing fly to write on the terrace, he’s cutting his own hair and grooming a very handsome beard with grey flecks.

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