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Chaka Khan‘s ex-manager, Olasumbo Kuti is suing the singer for money the manager allegedly claims she’s owed.

chaka khan

According to the lawsuit, Olasumbo Kuti claims she was hired to be Chaka’s manager in 2013, and she says when she was fired in 2017, Chaka owed her a huge sum of money that has never been paid out.

In the docs, Kuti claims Chaka owes her a cool $236,600 for her business and personal management services. That’s not all, Kuti claims she owns 5 per cent of 3 of Chaka’s businesses, and Kuti is also asking the court to award her that small slice of ownership.

Kuti says she did wonders for Chaka’s bottom line during her time as her manager but Kuti says when Chaka cleaned house a few years ago, she was screwed out of a huge chunk of change.

By Damilola Faustino

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