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Chance the Rapper has announced that he’s going on sabbatical so he can get closer to God.


He said on Instagram: “I’m on a plane headed out of the country … I’m going away to learn the Word of God which I am admittedly very unfamiliar with,” he captioned a video in which he cradles his new nephew.

Chance, whose real name is Chancellor Jonathan Bennett, says he’s taking it upon himself to study the Bible in full and is starting off with the first “five or more” books. He hopes to pass along his knowledge to the next generation of Bennett men. He also plans to give up smoking during his time away.

Since the announcement, Chance has been posting passages from the Bible and images of his daughter at what appears to be a secluded sanctuary.

While it’s unclear how long Chance’s sabbatical will last, he is releasing new music. He also has an upcoming show slated for Dec. 20 in his hometown.

Damilola Faustino
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