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Written by Clement Oluwasegun

A whole lots of changes are taking place in the Grammy Awards structure and rules for improvement in the next edition.

Some of these changes include:

The Grammy will be marking its 60th edition by bringing the gala to New York after more than a decade in Los Angeles.

It will have looser requirements this year to allow more classical and jazz works to compete for one of the most prestigious prizes in music, “Album of the Year”.

According to the Recording Academy, a group of music professionals who vote on the awards, announced that its 13,000 voters will for the first time vote online this year, rather than mail in ballots.

The academy also dropped the previous requirement of five tracks if the album runs 30 minutes or more:

“The definition expansion allows for greater inclusion of music creators who produce longer pieces, particularly in the classical, dance and jazz fields,” a statement from the organisers said.

The Album of the year category has for a while, been dominated by pop and rock artistes since the 1960s.

Taylor Swift’s “1989” won the award in 2015 and Adele’s “25” in 2016.

The 60th Grammys, will be taking place on January 28.

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