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By Damilola Faustino

Being successful is not child’s play. You have to work very hard because nothing will be offered to you on a platter of gold but the reward of your hard work will be success. However, there are times you notice that some people just seem to be unproductive and you are hoping not to be like them. Well, here are traits of unsuccessful people you must run away from:

They spend time discussing problems rather than solutions

Talking about your problems tends to release negative emotions especially if you have become an expert at such discussions. To turn this around, it is advisable to always analyse a problem and suggest solutions that will improve it. Otherwise, you are only pointing out the problems, which does not actually solve it.

Unable to enjoy quiet moments

Some people don’t feel complete unless others are around them. Know that being alone is actually a stage in life to grow yourself. So, try to enjoy quiet moments which you can use to brood and think about your well-being, next step and growth.

Unwilling to make mistakes

People who are afraid to make mistakes are always stuck in their comfort zone. The fear of making mistakes ties them down to the same position or spot for years. Unknown to them, avoiding mistakes is a waste of time because it is inevitable.

Prefer shortcuts to everything

Since they are not ready to put efforts into whatever they are doing, they prefer to cut corners in their activities. This is why social vices and anti-social behaviours are on the rise.

Unwilling to learn anything outside their comfort zone

Some individuals do not welcome ideas outside their comfort zone. They believe that they are already good enough. But the truth is that you are likely to get left behind if you continue with this behaviour. You have to open your mind to new ideas which can boost your creativity and guarantee success.

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